Friday, July 9, 2010

Dinner Cruise aboard the Commander

From Joe Haller:

All right now........DHLSA, Inc. is proud to announce that WE are hosting a 3 hour tour of the Hudson River, a three hour tour. We depart from the Haverstraw Marina at 7:00 can board the ship at 6:30.

I am working on the menu over this weekend. Since DHLSA is picking up 50% of the bill, I am going to try to keep the food costs down UNLESS I hear differently from YOU! Dave Zigler of Atzl, Scatassa & Zigler has offered to sponsor the bar. Very generous, but I think he should limit it to beer, wine & soda and YOU should pay for your own mixed drinks.

When this event was being hosted by others, I threw out a number of $35 a person or $70 a couple. I am going to live with that number for the seven couples from ASZ, as they are sponsoring the bar. I was assuming that we were 1/3 of a much larger group. I have no choice now but to do it THIS way: $45 per individual or $85 per couple. Three hours on the Hudson with food, beverages, and music via my iPod & Bose is well worth $15 per hour.

This what I have for RSVP's:

ASZ 7 couples = 14
Don Stedge 2 couples = 4
JH & LH = 2
Buzzy & Buzzette= 2
KP & HP = 2
John Nelting plus Cathy = 2
Billy D = 1
Jay Greenwell = 2
Fritz & Mrs. Fritz = 2
Paul Sevik = 1?
Ed Gannon = 2 OR more
Frank Hoens = 2
Karl Knoeckein & friend = 2
Glenn Watson & Mrs. W = 2

THAT adds up to 40, but I want more !! Glenn & Kenny, all of YOUR members are more than welcome. Maybe somebody from NYSAPLS will join us.

IF you are backing out, I need know that for catering purposes.

Joe Haller (

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